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Brain Train Certification for Fitness Coaches

Learn the neuroscience of strong. To learn more, check out our FAQs below.

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Adding neuroscience to your career is a total differentiator. Set yourself apart with the science of strong.

Finally, a certification that focuses on the most important asset of all: the brain. Neuroscience for the fitness professional: Powerful. Purposeful. Peerless.

The Brain Train Certification is the only program that is dedicated to training fitness professionals on the neuroscience of health & exercise.

The #1 reason your clients come to you is to be healthier in body and in mind. Yet, no one is talking to your clients about the most important asset in the mind-body connection: their brains! Therefore, this certification is designed to train you on the neuroscience of the mind-body connection. You will learn how to talk to your clients about the neuroscience of health & exercise.

In a world where there are thousands and thousands of fitness coaches, this certificate will allow you to stand out by teaching you about neuroscience of health & exercise. Through this program, you will learn the latest, cutting-edge science and how to apply the science with your clients. There is heavy emphasis on practical application to allow you to apply the latest brain science directly to your clients. This program uses the most cutting-edge neuroscience in ways that are both evidence-based and user-friendly (READ: you do not need a science background to find tremendous value in this program).

You already know how amazing exercise can make you feel; now learn the neuroscience of why.
Once you are Brain-Train Certified, you will be able to:
Clearly distinguish yourself as a fitness pro: In a world where there are thousands and thousands of health & wellness coaches, it can be difficult to stand out. We hear so much about the “mind-body” connection, and yet no one is saying anything about the role of the brain! By acquiring this certification, you can clearly set yourself apart with knowledge about the neuroscience of exercise.

Speak confidently about brain health: Connect to your clients by teaching them about brain health in ways that are meaningful and useful to them.

Take a more holistic approach to wellness by integrating the brain: This certification’s emphasis on the neuroscience of the mind-body connection will empower your clients to discover the most powerful version of themselves.

Integrate neuroscience into your one-on-one sessions or group classes: We place heavy emphasis on practical application. Through sample scripts, role plays, simulations and pro-tips, you will be able to teach your clients about the brain's role in the mind-body connection.
Absolutely. Through our expertise in neuropsychology, neuroscience and engineering, we know how to teach you about the brain. We are confident you will learn fundamentals about the brain and how to apply this information with your clients.
Through an 8-week online program, you will learn about the relationship between the brain & fitness. For us, fitness is a mind-body practice; it encompasses physical strength, mental toughness, discipline and confidence. Our curriculum places heavy emphasis on practical application so you can immediately implement what you learn in your own life and with your clients. Specifically, this means you will learn about:
  • Effects of exercise on the brain
  • Effects of stress on brain function
  • Neuroscience of habits
  • Neuroscience of discipline
  • Neuroscience of high-performance
  • Neuroscience of confidence & leadership
  • Neuroscience and biological impact of various exercise and health-based practices (e.g., aerobic activity, HIIT, weight lifting).
  • Brain’s role in common diseases such as depression, autoimmune diseases, dementia, PTSD.
  • Effects of aging, diet and sleep on the brain.

Most importantly, you will be given strategies for how you can directly share neuroscience of health & wellness with clients: The course emphasizes practical application and includes: pro-tips, “how-to” tips, role-plays, sample scripts, case studies, etc.

Successful completion is based on evaluation of quizzes, participation and submission of Final Products. Must pass exam with 80% or greater (may be taken up to 3 times per 12 months).

Because of our strong commitment to quality and individualized attention, only a limited number of applicants will be accepted for this cohort. Teaching you about how the brain works and how to apply it to your clients requires a personalized, attentive and interactive approach - and that's what the NeuroHealth Institute delivers.

Scholarships available for eligible candidates.

All applicants must complete an application and interview with NeuroHealth Partners to ensure fit. We are extremely committed to delivering high quality course content. Therefore, we limit the number of trainees so you get the attention you deserve. This is NOT a canned program. We are very interactive and individualized. We are now accepting applications. If you would like additional information and would like to schedule a complimentary information session with Dr. DiGangi, please book an appointment here.

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The NeuroHealth Institute specializes in training leaders in the fitness and wellness industry with science-based skills to drive sustainable behavioral change. With expertise in neuroscience and psychology, we know that the science of behavior begins in the brains of our clients. With expertise in psychology, neuroscience and fitness, the NeuroHealth Institute:
  • has delivered trainings to top-tier fitness professionals in a diverse array of wellness organizations
  • is led by a Ph.D. neuropsychologist and yoga instructor
  • is accredited by major national organizations, such as the American Psychological Association.

We have worked with thousands of individuals, training them on the neuroscience of human health, behavior and performance. The NeuroHealth Institute places heavy emphasis on accurate and practical education of health and wellness professionals.
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"The brain is so relevant for fitness professionals. It’s amazing that we haven’t’ focused more on it, but I’m sure glad I found Dr. DiGangi’s training when I did. Exciting and important stuff."

"I could not agree more with the premise of this program: It is impossible to talk about wellness and strength without talking about the brain. Nothing has a more profound effect on overall wellness. What an excellent course."

"I loved it all—but my FAVORITE part was to learn about the effects of stress on the brain and how to talk to my clients about their stress levels and brain health."

"The #1 thing I liked about this program is it gave me an entirely new skill set to connect to my clients about their holistic wellness."

"My clients are so stressed out that I have long wanted new techniques to talk to them about their stress. My wish was answered through this program. Excellent, relevant, engaging."

"These days, everyone is a fitness coach. For a while now, I’ve been looking for a way to distinguish myself so I can really stand out. I know that I have excellent skills and I deliver real results. Now that I have the Brain-Train Certificate I’m able to tell new clients, I have specialized training in brain health. Who else can say that?"

"Staff at NeuroHealth Institute is amazing. They get fitness, they get the brain but most importantly they know how to help you build skills to talk to your clients. What was awesome was the emphasis on practical application. Role-plays and case studies really gave me CONCRETE strategies to talk to my clients about brain health."

"Everyone is interested in brain health. I loved the course and I want more!"

"I live in a big city and train clients with Type A, high-stress, “go, go, go!” attitudes. Obviously, I knew that exercise can help them with their stress, but I did not know why. Through the NeuroHealth Institute, I’ve gained the skills to teach clients about brain health, stress and exercise."

"Holy smokes! Great training."

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Dr. DiGangi
Dr. DiGangi
President of NeuroHealth Partners

About the instructor

Dr. Julia DiGangi is a neuropsychologist and a yoga instructor.  As a scientist, clinician and yogi, Dr. DiGangi brings a rich perspective to the mind-body connection. Based on her expertise, she leads trainings and develops curricula on the neuroscience of behavior change, health management and high performance. Using the latest advances in neuroscience and psychology, she focuses on practical, evidence-based strategies to achieve behavioral change that sticks.

In her capacity as the founder of NeuroHealth Partners, Dr. DiGangi helps clients develop thoughtful strategies related to brain-body wellness.  She has published extensively in scientific journals and has presented to thousands of people on health-related topics. Additionally, she has designed evidence-based curricula for various organizations. She has worked in the field of neuroscience, using cutting-edge technologies like fMRI and EEG to study the brain.

Dr. DiGangi holds a PhD in psychology. She is known for her engaging and relatable communication style, which allows her to effectively teach people how to use their brains to live better, more emotionally intelligent lives. She has also worked at The White House Press Office and on U.S. presidential campaigns, so she is accustomed to helping people gracefully navigate fast-paced, high-stakes professional environments. She gave a TEDx talk on the relationship between stress and the brain.

Known for her compelling, funny and relatable communication style, Dr. DiGangi is a liaison between the complex research world and the public, teaching people about their brains. She has honed her communication skills through her work at The White House Press Office and on U.S. presidential campaigns. Recently, she gave a TED talk on the relationship between stress and the brain.